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Kevin Mullens

Kevin Mullens is an entrepreneur, author, and movie producer who specializes in empowering people by helping them reach their full potential and create legacy income. He has written multiple books, including his most recent, As It Is In Heaven, that provides transformational principles to help people discover and develop all that God has deposited in their lives.

As an empowerment specialist, Kevin uses his platform to move people beyond success to significance. He worked on the film, Canal Street, as executive producer. After it was released it earned 92% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kevin Mullens is also a sports and entertainment business advisor for Aquarius Vision, a company that works with athletes and entertainers to set up investments and grow their financial portfolio.

Kevin's other books include JOY-FULL Entrepreneur, DissatisfiedDecisions Decide DestinyMore Than Enough, and Great Things Come to Those Who Take Action.